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Sheikh Mohammed Aldhoheyan has a solid accounting and finance fundamentals, in 1975 he has completed his bachelor degree in Commerce from the University of Cairo in Egypt and upon completion, he has joined King Saud University in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia as an accounting lecturer. He was then granted a scholarship from KSU to complete his Master’s Degree in accounting, that he obtained 4 years later from Utah State University in the United States.
In 1981, the founder joined the treasury department at Saudi Holandi Bank as the Treasurer and then he took many executive roles in other companies, he was appointed as the General Manager of Rana Investment and Saudi Live stock company. At later stages of his career, Sheikh Mohammed has served in the board of Al Jazeera Bank as well as Saudi Telecom Company and he co-founded bank UBS Saudi Arabia as well as Qassim Medical Company.


To peruse promising investment opportunities and to meet the objectives of our partners, by dint of providing them with the essential expertise and giving the needful support to excel in their businesses.


To maximize our growth and financial return to all stakeholders and to perpetuate the founder values and principles.