Equity Capital Market

DMHi constantly invests in equity markets and manages its portfolios locally and in abroad through its local trading desk. Part of these investments are considered strategic and long-term, where only the total number of shares varies over time. Typically, a nominated representative on behalf of DMHi joins the board of directors and adds value by unlocking the growth opportunities and the value of the company.
Regardless of taking anywhere between a minority stakes or a significant majority control, DMHi works closely with the management to provide not just from a strategic direction but also assists on improving the overall operation and productivity. The aim remains to be an intelligent partner that provides the means and abilities to transform the business top line and to maximize profitability.
In addition, DMHi takes part in relatively passive, non-controlling investment deals as well as co-investing opportunities, where DMHi attracts the most prized opportunities due to their robust relationship with PE funds and investment banks, who value the sophistication and expertise DMHi has.